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Crafting a positive wellbeing culture in your school or organisation through transformative workshops, seminars, & tailor made packages.

Let's make your workplace or school happier and healthier together.

Welcome to Mary Bradley Wellbeing

Where mindfulness and meditation are more than just practices – they're pathways to transformation. I believe in crafting workshops tailored to the specific needs of each school or organisation, fostering an environment of growth and wellbeing that extends far beyond the session itself. Specialising in workshops for schools, my aim is to equip students with the essential tools to navigate the fast-paced and ever-evolving challenges they encounter daily.

Empower students to overcome exam anxiety, enhance study skills, and nurture well-being. For teachers, find balance and stress relief with tailored mindfulness sessions.

Let go of responsibilities and worries as you immerse yourself in peace and calm through breathwork and meditation.

Work with me to empower your employees and to let them know that their wellbeing is a priority in your organisation.

Mindfulness at your fingertips: Online or in-person sessions tailored for organisations, community groups, and gatherings

1. School Workshops

Teenagers doing meditation classes in school in Ireland
School Workshops

Exam Anxiety Workshop

Supporting Your Students in Reaching their Full Potential

Overcome Anxiety

Your students will learn the causes and impacts of exam anxiety. They will understand how anxiety affects their thoughts, behaviors and body in the run up to exams and leave with strategies to confidently manage these challenges. This workshop was developed with Dr Alison Mc Fadden, Child and Educational Psychologist whose thesis explored strategies for overcoming exam anxiety.

Overall Wellbeing

This workshop teaches students how to mind their overall wellbeing. We will look at healthy sleep routines, mindfulness and managing unhelpful thinking habits. These are skills that will stand to them during exam time but also throughout life.

Study and Test Taking Skills

Studies found that 63% of Irish students felt anxious about exams despite being well prepared. This workshop teaches study and exam taking skills that will ensure students approach their exams feeling focused, prepared and with a positive mindset. We will also address perfectionism and procrastination which are often barriers to effective study.

Additional Resources

Students will receive downloadable audios such as guided sleep meditations, breathing exercises and stress reducing mindfulness practices. They will also receive a downloadable workbook to support them in maintaining positive wellbeing as exams approach.

School Workshops

Mindfulness Meditation for Students

Empowering students with the tools to unwind and conquer stress.

One Good Hour Meditation Classes


Teenagers live incredibly busy lives. Their days are filled to the brim with academic demands, social interaction, extra curricular and screen time. Even when they are relaxing they are still busy. This session allows teenagers to disengage entirely, tuning into their bodies and tuning out of the mind.

Exam Anxiety Workshop Classes for Teenagers

The Benefits

Meditation allows teenagers to become entirely present in the moment, leaving behind all stresses and worries. The skill of being able to focus on the present moment has many benefits such as improved memory and concentration, better quality sleep and more compassion in dealing with others.

Meditation Workshop Classes for Teens in Donegal

Tailored for Teenagers

After 10 years teaching in a secondary school I am familiar with the unique needs and wants of teenagers. I am also accustomed to the challenges that may arise in teaching mindfulness to teenagers and have some tried and tested strategies up my sleeve!

Meditation Classes for Teenagers in Donegal

Additional Resources

Students will have access to a wide variety of downloadable meditations to support in their mindfulness journey such as; guided sleep meditation, self-confidence meditations and gratitude meditations.

School Workshops

Mindfulness Meditation for School Staff

Discover balance and conquer stress with our meditation class tailored for school staff


As a former secondary school teacher with over a decade of experience, I've felt the weight of the job. Let's ease that burden together. Through our mindfulness meditation classes, I'll guide you through breathwork, helping you tune out of the mind's chatter. and into the soothing rhythm of your body. Experience the power of mindfulness as you relax deeply, shedding the stresses of the day and finding inner calm amidst the chaos.

The Benefits

Dive into a realm of benefits tailored specifically for educators like you. Experience stress reduction, heightened focus, improved emotional well-being, and strengthened relationships within your school community through our mindfulness meditation sessions.

Tailored for School Staff

Teaching isn't just about lesson plans and corrections. It's about nurturing student well-being, tracking academic progress, juggling extracurricular activities, and so much more. I get it—I've been there. Our classes are crafted to support you in meeting the demands of your multifaceted role. Gain the resilience and tools you need to thrive in the dynamic environment of education.

What's Included

Join me for a rejuvenating 1-hour mindfulness class and access 10 downloadable meditations to continue your practice. Plus, receive a PDF mindfulness journal to deepen your journey towards well-being and job satisfaction.

2. Workplace Wellbeing

In Person and Online Meditation Classes Ireland

When you have a happy and healthy team you also have a team who are productive, creative, and collaborative.

I bring a unique blend of passion and expertise, weaving traditional mindfulness practices with practical tools for stress reduction and enhanced focus in the workplace. Work with me to empower your employees and to let them know that their wellbeing is a priority in your organisation.


Experience a sanctuary of calm amidst the corporate chaos. Our mindfulness workplace classes provide a space where you can unwind, breathe, and find solace from the stresses of the workday.

The Benefits

Dive into a wealth of benefits waiting to transform your workplace experience. From stress reduction and increased focus to enhanced collaboration and elevated morale, our classes are designed to boost well-being and productivity.

Tailored for the Workplace

Tackling the unique challenges of the modern workplace, our classes are specifically tailored to meet the demands of your professional environment. Whether it's mitigating stress, boosting teamwork, or enhancing creativity, we've got you covered.

Packages to Suit You

We offer flexible packages to fit your organisation's needs. Whether you prefer a one-off session, a full day of classes, or weekly/monthly blocks, we can customise a plan that works for you. Plus, choose between online or in-person sessions for ultimate convenience. Reach out today, and let's craft a package tailored to elevate your workplace well-being.

Additional Resouces

Access downloadable meditation audios and a Mindfulness Journal PDF to support your ongoing practice and well-being journey.

3. The Good hour
Meditation Class

Join us for The Good Hour, a local meditation class in Letterkenny and its surrounding areas. Designed to guide you into a state of deep relaxation and stress relief, these classes offer a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Let go of responsibilities and worries as you immerse yourself in peace and calm through breathwork and meditation.

Stay updated on class times, dates, and locations by following us on social media. Find your moment of serenity with The Good Hour. ​

4. Mindfulness meditation for all

Whether you’re a part of a large organisation, a small community group, or simply a gathering of friends, I’m here to bring mindfulness to your doorstep.

From online sessions to in-person classes, and from health services to sports clubs, I’m ready to collaborate and adapt to your unique needs.

Meditation is for all abilities, backgrounds, and ages—everyone can benefit.

Let’s explore the possibilities together—reach out, and let’s discover how I can best serve you.

5. Work with me

I have great experience and knowledge in the realm of adolescent wellbeing, I am passionate about supporting teenagers in navigating life’s challenges.

As well as the work I do as Mary Bradley Wellbeing, I also do some contract work. I deliver school workshops on behalf of The Shona Project, an incredible organisation that celebrates, empowers and supports the young women of Ireland.

I also create and deliver online sessions for Rayse the Game which help students understand and overcome anxiety while building confidence and resilience.

If you’re an organisation dedicated to serving schools and teenagers, let’s collaborate to empower the next generation.

Reach out and let’s create meaningful change together.

About Me

My journey into mindfulness began in my early 20s

I swiftly discovered the profound impact these practices can have, particularly for the younger generation.

Photo of Mary Bradley - Teenage Wellbeing Advocate Donegal

Dedicated to sharing these invaluable tools with students, I am committed to empowering them to thrive in both their academic and personal lives.

With a First-Class Honours qualification in teaching and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and English, I bring a unique blend of academic excellence and practical wisdom to my mindfulness teachings. My expertise in breathwork, meditation, life coaching, and mindfulness ensures that I deliver high-quality, impactful sessions.

Having spent a decade as a secondary school teacher, I possess a deep understanding of the pressures young people face. From managing academic stress to navigating social pressures, my tailored mindfulness workshops provide students with the skills to cultivate resilience, focus, and emotional wellbeing.

Recognizing the unique challenges...

Encountered by students, educators, and corporate professionals alike, I’ve extended my reach to diverse audiences.

From local businesses to corporate giants, from school staff to students, my customized mindfulness lessons bring calm and clarity to all settings, fostering a culture of wellbeing.

Photo of Mary Bradley on the beach meditating Ireland

At the core of my work lie values of compassion, authenticity, and empowerment. I believe in the transformative power of mindfulness to help individuals of all ages and backgrounds thrive in the complexities of modern life.

My mission is to create a nurturing and supportive environment where students can cultivate the inner resilience needed to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and clarity.

Let’s embark on this journey to wellbeing together, empowering the next generation to find balance and fulfillment in an ever-evolving world.

Featured on:

 Caroline Foran’s ‘Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast’ to discuss exam anxiety.



Let's make your workplace or school happier and healthier together.

From local businesses to corporate giants, from school staff to students,

I’m ready to collaborate and adapt to your unique needs.


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