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My journey into mindfulness began in my early 20s

I swiftly discovered the profound impact these practices can have, particularly for the younger generation.

Photo of Mary Bradley - Teenage Wellbeing Advocate Donegal

Dedicated to sharing these invaluable tools with students, I am committed to empowering them to thrive in both their academic and personal lives.

With a First-Class Honours qualification in teaching and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and English, I bring a unique blend of academic excellence and practical wisdom to my mindfulness teachings. My expertise in breathwork, meditation, life coaching, and mindfulness ensures that I deliver high-quality, impactful sessions.

Having spent a decade as a secondary school teacher, I possess a deep understanding of the pressures young people face. From managing academic stress to navigating social pressures, my tailored mindfulness workshops provide students with the skills to cultivate resilience, focus, and emotional wellbeing.

Recognizing the unique challenges...

Encountered by students, educators, and corporate professionals alike, I’ve extended my reach to diverse audiences.

From local businesses to corporate giants, from school staff to students, my customized mindfulness lessons bring calm and clarity to all settings, fostering a culture of wellbeing.

Photo of Mary Bradley on the beach meditating Ireland

At the core of my work lie values of compassion, authenticity, and empowerment. I believe in the transformative power of mindfulness to help individuals of all ages and backgrounds thrive in the complexities of modern life.

My mission is to create a nurturing and supportive environment where students can cultivate the inner resilience needed to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and clarity.

Let’s embark on this journey to wellbeing together, empowering the next generation to find balance and fulfillment in an ever-evolving world.

Featured on:

 Caroline Foran’s ‘Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast’ to discuss exam anxiety.


Very relaxing

“I found it very relaxing and it was a break from work and stress. I was excited coming up to it but I was relaxed doing it. I would definitely do it again.”

Primary School Student

Just fantastic

“Mary put everyone at ease instantly, and her voice is so calm and relaxing. This was a fabulous experience for a whole staff, that everyone got something out of. The resources she has provided for us to use afterwards ourselves look great. I will definitely go to Mary’s Saturday meditation class after experiencing this one, and would recommend it to any staff!”

School Staff

So helpful

“I thought it was so helpful in calming my nerves about exams. I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to even thinking of studying and you offered so many solutions.”

6th Year Student: Exam Confidence Workshop

Loved this workshop

“I loved this workshop so much. I will definitely be applying the study techniques to my own studying. I feel so much more relaxed and better after the mindfulness. It is such a simple and useful thing to help ease the mind.”

5th Year Student: Exam Confidence Workshop

New favourite

“Meditation is my new favourite subject!”

Primary School Student

Highly recommend!

“I usually find it hard to meditate but Mary has a lovely way about her, making you feel totally relaxed. Afterwards I felt rejuvenated and very grateful for the good things in my life. Highly recommend!”

Lorraine: The Good Hour

Wanted it to be longer

“It really helped me relax, such a calm experience. Wanted it to be longer, I almost fell asleep.”

TY Student: Mindfulness Meditation Class

Wonderful positive experience

“A deeply relaxing experience for all- left everyone feeling very upbeat and rejuvenated. There was the perfect balance of breathing techniques and guided meditation. Mary has a calming gentle voice and demeanour which facilitated a wonderful positive experience for all participants. It was a rewarding session to complete as a whole staff and definitely contributed to an overall feel- good- factor. Mary was so accommodating working with our school’s availability and supporting individual needs. She used very interesting reflections and ensured we felt much more connected to our senses and the space around us. It was refreshing to be “in the moment” and the general feeling at the end was one of peace and grounding. Mary is so passionate about and committed to her practice and we wish her all the best going forward. We look forward to availing of her expertise again in the future. Thank you Mary!”

Primary School Teacher

I could not recommend her highly enough

“Mary visited a group of our 5th year students for an hour slot and I could not recommend her highly enough. Many of these students had never practiced meditation before and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Within minutes students were calm and relaxed, so much so that by the end of the hour many of them had fallen asleep. It was brilliant to see students switch off from their busy lives and become fully present in the moment. Thank you!”

Secondary School Teacher

Helped me relax

“I found the guided meditation very good as it helped me relax. I was shocked at how long had passed as I was so relaxed. Thank you, I really enjoyed it.”

TY Student: Mindfulness Meditation Class

Calm & inspired

“Mary has a beautiful way about her. Her meditations are so calming and insightful. After leaving my first session of The Good Hour, I felt completely relaxed, calm, and inspired. I recommend The Good Hour to everyone I meet. It’s not only great for beginners but for more experienced meditators too. I also use Mary’s sleep meditation regularly, it’s an absolute godsend! I have yet to hear the end of it, so it clearly works!”

Elizabeth: The Good Hour

Let's make your workplace or school happier and healthier together.

From local businesses to corporate giants, from school staff to students,

I’m ready to collaborate and adapt to your unique needs.


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